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Story Factions

House Drakken: The Players

The minor noble house of which at least three of the PCs are members, and the rest are (mostly) allied. The main focus of the story will be on these characters. Bring the main focus of the game, House Drakken will be the focus of this wiki’s Main Page, so all greater details will be there.

House Ratskeller

The other major house in the New Alcatraz system, and Drakken’s biggest rival.

House Holdings:

  • Defense: 40
    • Castle (40 pts): Called “Schloss Ratskeller,” this sizeable fortress is the sole focus of the House’s main defenses.
  • Influence: 33
    • Maximum Status: 4
  • Lands: 32
    • Horizon (not sure how to buy this properly?)
  • Law: 1 (Means a -10 on Fortunes rolls)
  • Population: 19 (Means a +0 on Fortunes rolls)
  • Power: 9
    • Trained Garrison
    • Trained Criminals
  • Wealth: 37


House Ratskeller is considered “Recent,” and as such they are rooted around the time of the Barbarian Invasions, and Vladimir’s Ascension.


  • Founding: Villain!
  • Invasion/Revolt!
  • Ascent
  • Invasion/Revolt!
  • (most recent) Scandal!

House Decados

The lieges to which both Drakken and Ratskeller pay fealty. It is so far unseen how big a role they will play in this tale.

The Faithless Barbarians

Not yet encountered, but certainly mentioned!

Misc. Minor Factions


Local Jumpweb

We used the “Cluster Generation” mechanics of the Diaspora RPG to generate our local jumpweb.

In order, the systems are:


Davey’s Locker


Journey’s End





Misc Setting Notes

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