Love's Foolish Cruelty: A Song of Fading Suns

House Creation Summary: House Drakken

The House: Drakken

We were intending to do full group creation last night for the new game, but schedules got a bit wonk’d so we only did part of the setup. The players were quick to get the basics of the setting, though, so that’s always a plus.

House Holdings

Using the House Creation rules (SIFRP), I had written up some equivalent modifiers based on the five big noble houses, and used them in place of the Westeros equivalents. The players chose to be a new minor house with fealty to House Decados. Decados’s modifiers were determined to be: Def +5, Inf +10, Lands 0, Law -10, Pop 0, Power -5, Wealth 10.

The initial rolls were made, and after rolling through the various house events we ended up with:

- Defenses: 32
- Influence: 43
- Lands: 25
- Law: 14
- Population: 29
- Power: 24
- Wealth: 47

They rolled their house histories, and got “Established” as a result. I set that at “Fall of the 2nd Republic” for their founding, an event marked as “Villainous” – we decided that the house founder was a trade tycoon who did everything it took to secure the survival of his family during the Fall, everything including murder and sacrifice of many innocents that were in the way of his rise to power.

The second event was “Ascent,” during the era of Vladimir’s conquering. Proving themselves valuable allies to the Decados, they were rewarded nicely with increased status and trade ties.

The third and final event was “Infrastructure.” We decided that given the abysmally-low Law of the new House, they are located really close to Barbarian Space. Decados has been recently investing in them since the end of the Emperor Wars, in order to maintain a greater buffer against the external threat.


They bought a single “Domain” for their demesne: Mountains. Translating that to the galactic scale, they have ownership of a mineral-rich asteroid belt in a Decados-loyal star system. Adding a feature to that is a “Hamlet” which we interpreted to mean “several small communities of workers and vassals.” Finally, we added “Ruins” to the domain, which I transformed into “the asteroid belt is abundant with the wreckage of ancient starships from lost eras of history.” They have 3 points remaining unspent.


They purchased a “Small Castle” which we implemented as an asteroid that’s been tunneled through and reinforced as a maneuverable headquarters and battle platform." 2 points left unspent.


With Influence of 43, the Maximum Status of the head of Household is 5. We purchase a single Heir of Status 4 (to be one of the PCs), a “second” (also one of the PCs), and leave 13 points unspent.


With a 14 Law, the outskirts of their domain are plagued with pirates and barbarian attacks.


They have a decent enough Population of 29, however, so they have a good number of people in these small communities.


They acquire the following units:

- Green “Cavalry” : They have a brand new, freshly-assigned squadron of space fighters to patrol the region.
- Veteran Guerrillas : Their locals have lived and died on these rocks for so many generations that they are fiercely dedicated to defending them.
- Veteran Garrison : Likewise, the guys manning the Battle Station are in top form, having been fighting off pirates for ages.
- Trained Criminals : The Decados also use this area as a penal colony. Criminals have been trained to fight when needed, and it is not unknown for pardons to be given to the dedicated and reformed, to continue the rest of their lives as citizens of this realm.


Holdings include a Mine (several of them), a small Scravers Guildhouse (more of a “distant repository” in truth), a Maester (a skilled Engineer – also a PC), and an Artisan (I don’t recall what this was decided to be).

The Cast of Characters

We are doing a 2-PCs-per-player thing, so as to provide greater versatility to play with an ensemble cast. With four players, that gives us eight characters, including (with: Goal / Motivation / Virtue / Vice – all were randomly rolled!):

  • The Heir: Uldari Drakken A very charismatic 19yo “super bro” athlete and fencer (Love / Stability / Devoted / Foolish)
  • The Sister: Inasha Drakken A 17yo tomboy who spends a lot of time with the geurillas and adores her big bro (Love / Love / Honest / Foolish)
  • The Uncle: Quinn Drakken A geriatric jet-setting schemer who is far more versatile and capable than people give him credit, age 82 (Power ?Peace / Magnanimous / Scheming)
  • The Battle Matron: Matron Joan A retired mid-50s sister of the famous Brother Battle sect of the Church, serving as the Heir’s combat tutor (Security / Peace / Merciful / Prejudiced)
  • The Spy: Sahar al-Basir An Ur-Ukar psychic “Master of Secrets” to the house, who may or may not in fact be a plant of the Decados family, age 30 (Justice / Lust / Chaste / Cruel)
  • The Dashing Rogue: Kane Falcon A Han Solo-esque Scraver here as a main rep of the Chapterhouse, age 28 (Love / Fear / Courageous / Cruel)
  • The Scientist: Alden Obingsfell An Engineer with a major specialty in Chemistry and Medicine, researching new sciences in distant seclusion, age 34 (Revenge / Peace / Just / Cruel)
  • The Zealot: Brother Solomon A committed and dangerously motivated Avestite priest, age 25 (Justice / Hatred / Just / Foolish)



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