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House Drakken

Keep Drakken

Keep Drakken is the name given to the House’s mobile asteroid battlestation. The majority of the main household resides within its confines, and it is protected by a very skilled and dedicated Garrison.

Notable Features of the Keep:

  • The Atrium: A massive hydroponic garden, grown and maintained by Henri Westinghouse, Master Gourmand. People not familiar with its layout have gotten lost in it several times before, only to be ferreted out by an irate Henri and his assistants. It is also where the House holds its biggest feasts and celebrations.
  • The Flight Deck
  • The Grand Room: Where the Lord holds court, and meets all new guests of importance.
  • The Gravcore: At the center of the Keep is an ancient 2nd Republic device of great power, which maintains the internal gravity of the station, radiating outward from the core. Its nature and positioning mean that the station is build spherically around it. Inner levels have stronger gravity, while the outermost levels have lighter.

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